The architecture and interior design studio OTHERSIDE ARCHITECTS was born from the inexhaustible passion of Arch. Carla de Campos and Arch. Hélder Unas, in the incessant exploration of the infinite approaches that architecture and interior design allow. Both graduated in architecture and although with distinct and comprehensive professional paths to various areas of the exercise of the profession their creative complicity, dynamism and experimentalism, leads to the formation of OTHERSIDE ARCHITECTS, supported by a team of other creative, at the level of interior design, product, architecture, consulting, planning, etc.

The philosophy and concept underlying OSA is based on discovering the "other side" of each client, to whom we dedicate ourselves in full, studying to the tiniest detail their way of life, tastes, passions, so that the project fully respects and responds to their desires and needs, surpassing initial expectations, with a final feeling of mission accomplished.

We do not impose concepts or styles. Each client deserves a unique and special attention and approach. Each work has the identity and personality of each client and mirrors the path outlined together. We want aesthetic and functional spaces of excellence, with modern, timeless, sophisticated and elegant approaches, the result of the work of OSA's team of creatives, which reflect timeless eloquence and poetic plasticity.

The workshop has a comprehensive intervention profile, from the private to the corporate client, recoveries and rehabilitations of real estate, various commercial establishments, hotels, to more specific programs such as geriatric residences, day care centers and schools and execution of turnkey jobs.

Our base of action is based on trust and loyalty, efficiency, process optimization and quality management from beginning to end. We defend and implement a quality policy, for a service of excellence, investing in the skills of the team, in permanent updating of solutions, materials and market both nationally and internationally.

Within the scope of intervention in architecture and interior design, we supply, design and execute all elements of furniture, textiles, decorative pieces, carpets etc., with partnerships established with recognized and reliable brands and a broad knowledge of all publishers in the national and international market.

Carla Campos


Helder Unas