Intervention Av. Calouste Gulbenkian


Lisbon, Portugal


The place recognizes itself as a fragment of the city. In reality it looks like a “forgotten place” and abandoned in time, with no solution to integrate it in the design of the city.

The integration of that part of the territory was sought, boosting its use and making daily life more dynamic, through an organic and revealing urban form of design.

The proposal is built as a mass, a territory that extends from north to south, as a “huge coverage” that enhances its use, promoting the daily dynamics underlying the human and urban relations that develop in the city, promoting the link between living and working.
The area is punctuated by three parallelepipedic volumes that assume themselves as visual and volumetric reference in the landscape.
The proposed plan resolves the road links necessary for its integration, “grabbing” it to the territory, through the connection between the streets of Campolide and Calouste Gulbenkian Avenue, resulting in the remaining area of a study and urban design for green spaces and footpaths that qualify and energize the “place”.